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Founded by Sally Lawson & Neil Martin, EliteRoom Online is a dedicated online membership platform designed to offer new Marketing Strategies to increase your authority and presence in your market
You don't need a massive advertising budget:
A few years ago, everybody bought the newspaper and watched the television without being able to skip the ads, whenever someone wanted to find something they had to get the yellow papers and search for the service they were looking for, BUT…
Now a days everything has changed.
With Internet on tap and the Smartphones in our pockets, who pays attention to the billboards anymore? Newspapers are being replaced with an online version, and not only that, with the introduction of blogs, now everybody can post their own opinions and knowledge for other people to read and learn.
With the introduction of Youtube you can upload a video online, getting your message out there for free INSTANTLY. Podcasts are replacing the radio; Twitter is the new leafleting and all of these platforms are online for free. 

That's why it's so important for a business owner to have an online presence, the bigger the better. 

But HOW do you do that? 
You need to build you presence online by creating high quality content that will engage with your readers and relate with them emotionally.
Your content needs to educate and engage with your audience to turn them into raving fans and make them want to come back and learn from you again.
Your audience should know what you stand for and to do so you need to be clear and make sure your opinions and beliefs are within the content you put out there.
With Elite Online, you'll discover tried and tested strategies and techniques that you can implement in your business to grow your online presence. 
What's included in your Membership? 
Training Videos and Modules 
You'll have instant access to EliteRoom online where you'll find a wealth of training videos on key elements of your marketing, from identifying your ideal customer and creating high quality content to engaging with your audience and building your presence on Social Media.
The Toolbox
As part of your online membership, you'll have access to the Toolbox which is packed full of downloadable resources for you to implement in your own business. 

Interviews from Experts in the Industry
As a Elite Room
Online member, you'll have access to interviews with some of our most successful clients
Access to an Online Community 
Join a group of like minded business owners as they strive to grow their own online presence. Share advice and ask questions through our dedicated Facebook group. 
Exclusive Membership Discounts
As a Elite Room Online member, you'll get exclusive discounts to our Jumpstart and Intensive events, where you'll learn first hand from our team of experts. 
Q and A Webinars
You'll also be invited to our Q and A webinars, where Sally Lawson or Neil Martin will answer your questions on key topics. 
With online training videos, key downloads and expert coaches on hand you have everything you need to start building your online authority
Our Expert Coaches
Sally Lawson
Sally is a bestselling author, and has spoken on some of the largest stages in the UK, including Wembley, Chelsea Football club and the Excel Arena and is considered one of the leading authorities in the UK of Residential Lettings Agency, with a reach of over 7,5 million of Facebook alone and over 13 hours of view time EVERY DAY on Youtube, she knows how help YOU build your profile online and become a leading figure in your field.
Neil Martin
Neil AKA #thejuicejunkie found his passion when he started to get health problems due to his excessive weight and discovered juicing, he then started a blog, which lead to a website and now is known as a leading authority in the juicing world. He has had over 1million visitors to his website in just one year, is author to the #1 food blog in the UK and as an award winning speaker, he has regularly being asked to share the stage with celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc 
"This is the real deal so get involved"

"I attended a day course and was blown away by the content, not only did it make sense but it was really thought provoking, making me stand back look at myself and what I do and how to use different angles. I have taken away so much and they way the information has been delivered by Neil and Sally was awesome, relaxed, interesting, useful and with some humour. This is the real deal so get involved if you want to take you and your business to the next level."
Simon Faulkner-Barrett
"Learn the craft of creating your Brand message

"Attended in July 2016.
If you are looking to learn the craft of creating your Brand message and bottling it in a compact shiny wrapping, so that it can be delivered effectively from stage, in 1-1 meetings, through Youtube or any other format, you need to attend and learn from the experts here. Totally immersive 3 days of intense training with the Social Media cherry on top!"

Ajay Pamneja
Elite I T Solutions
How will Elite Room Online membership benefit me?
As a Elite Room Online Member you'll have all of the training, tools and resources you need to get rid of your advertising and start developing your new online marketing on social media: 
  • You'll learn how to identify your niche, identify your competitors and make you stand out from the crowd with the Expert EDGE Establisher.
  • You’ll learn how to write high quality content that will literally explode and make your readers want to come back to you in the REACH Explosion Formula .
  • You will learn different strategies in the Social Strategy Selector to grow your social media following and get the massive reach that you need.
  • You will know how to convert your Social Media Contacts into customers by implementing what you learn in the Fast Funnel Formula.
  • You will learn how can you automate your business in the Stress Free Sales Strategy so even when you are asleep your business is still active for the rest of the world to be able to interact with you and your presence.
What does my 30 day FREE trial include? 

Your trial will instantly make you a Elite Room Online Member, so you'll get complete access to all we offer, including all of our training videos, downloads, webinars and exclusive discounts to our Membership events. 

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive log in details to Elite Room online platform where all will be revealed. 
Who is Elite Room Online for? 

If you’re just taking your first step in the Social Media Marketing world, if you’ve give it a shot and it didn’t give you the results you expected, if you think your advertising is not working anymore and you want to learn a new way to get your name and your brand out there.

This course is for YOU.
What happens after my trial ends? 

After the first month, your card will automatically be charged £47inc Vat per month. You can cancel your membership at any time, but must give us 2 weeks notice from your next payment. 
Does my membership include your events? 

All Elite Room members are of course welcome to join us at our workshops and a special discount price will be given to all members. You can attend our one day Jumpstart workshop, and apply to attend our 3 Day Expert Elevator Intensive workshop, where we'll help you implement everything you learn with us. 
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