Do you know your ideal customer avatar?
YOU attract your own clients, with the messages you put out there and your brand.
But are you connecting with the right people? Or are you attracting someone that annoys you, frustrates you and is NOT your ideal customer. 

Use the Awesome Avatar Activator Template to define exactly who your ideal customer is and what get's them ticking so that you can write content that will engage with them. 
You'll discover: 
  • How to identify the demographics of your target audience from what gender they are to their family status and profession. 
  • How to tap into their inner desires, so that you can craft a message that resonates with them.
  • How to identify their fears and dilemmas, so that you can position yourself as the solution.
Our goal is to help you find the archetype of YOUR ideal customer avatars, (and you will have more than one avatar), but understanding who are those ideal customer avatars will help you to write content that will engage with them. And so, bring those customers to you.
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Bought to you by Sally Lawson and Neil Martin, award winning speakers and Co Founders of The Expert 
Sally Lawson

Sally Lawson is both a successful businesswomen and a property lettings professional, gaining her wealth of experience over the last 26 years as a lettings professional.

 On top of this she has developed her own property portfolio and launched a franchise The Concentric Sales & Lettings group, which now helps others set up and launch their own property sales & lettings businesses all with ZERO advertising.

Sally is a best-selling author of the book “I’ve got this tenant” as well as an International Award Winning Speaker, and has spoken at super conferences nationally including, Wembley Stadium and alongside James Caan. Sally is mostly known also for her educational style and her extensive social media presence and now helps other agents by running courses on educating agents to improve their presence in the market in the online and social world.
Neil Martin

Having achieved a miraculous transformation from fat boy to athlete, Neil Martin (a.k.a. Natural Juice Junkie) is now recognised as a leading authority on juicing and personal transformation.

Neil’s journey to becoming the Natural Juice Junkie started when he was severely obese, taking multiple prescription medications and getting out of breath doing simple day to day things like running a bath for his children. Now, over 5.5 stone lighter and a drug free ultra marathon runner and triathlete, Neil is dedicated to helping others take control of their own health.

Neil’s experiences have been featured on various media including the BBC, the Huffington Post, Thrive Magazine and in the documentary Super Juice Me. Neil can regularly be found sharing his story to help inspire others at seminars and events throughout the UK and internationally.
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